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Our Story

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our community.

Hillside Community Church of God is a place where many have discovered the love of Christ. Finding this love has been life changing! He brings hope, joy, and peace to our lives! Our desire is for others to know His love, so we want to share that same love with the people of our community, and to extend an invitation for you to come grow in faith and knowledge with us!


What does Hillside mean to our members? Read on to see...

"Hillside Community Church has been an important part of the Goodbread family's life over the last fifteen years. Hillside has impacted our family in the areas of Christian friendships, church ministry, and most importantly, spiritual growth. Many of the Hillside families became our close friends that we shared important life events with. Hillside also provided a place that our family could serve the Lord in ministry. Our children and ourselves have been privileged to serve in the areas of music ministry, children's ministry, and other areas of church service. Most importantly, though, our family has grown spiritually by the Word of God that has been preached by the pastors of Hillside Community Church. Hillside continues to be a church that loves Jesus and loves people."

Tim & Lorrie Goodbread, Music Ministry & Youth Teacher

"What does Hillside Community Church mean to us? It is a place to worship God and to learn about Him, but Hillside is also so much more. Hillside is a place that we feel comfortable in, a place we feel safe and welcomed in, a place where we feel God's love and the love of our church family. Some of the best friends of our lives have been friends at Hillside, people we have laughed with, prayed for, who prayed for us, and people we have shared our struggles with. It is a place we felt safe bringing our children to, a place we felt certain that they would be loved and taught of God's love. All of this wraps up in a single word - home. Hillside feels like home."

David & Stephanie Johnson, Youth Teachers, Audiovisual Team & Music Ministry

"Hillside is family, not born of blood, but of the Spirit. Not just a church, but part of THE church of Jesus Christ. Like many families, we have had our highs and lows, but through it all the love of God has seen us through. We have some of the most loving and caring people, that are willing to take that extra step or spend that extra dollar or pray just a little bit longer and even love a little harder if it takes it. I get strength from my church family. I think that's the way it's supposed to be. My church laughs with me, cries with me, prayers for me, pays for me, then turns around and worships with me. We love our church family very much."

Kathy Kincaid, Children's Church Pastor

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